Thursday, May 29, 2014

Influenster/ VoxBox

 Not my usual food/farm blog topics, but I wanted to share a fun program I've been doing recently for freebies and samples. The site is #Influenster ( I fill out surveys, write reviews and participate in special contests and programs using social media for chances to get samples and win things. I just got my first "Voxbox" of products to try out. Rimmel Scandaleyes full size mascara, Nivea skin firming hydration lotion, Kiss Everlasting French Nails, Playtex Sport tampons and a peach pie air freshener. My favorite sample is the mascara! Love getting free makeup, and this mascara is really nice. I really like the Nivea lotion too. I've been using it for afew days, and it's definitely something that I would pay money for. Free feminine products are always welcome in a house full of girls. Not so sure about press on nails. They weren't a great idea when I was in high school, not super excited about trying that again lol. Maybe they will have improved.
  If anyone would like more info about Influenster, feel free to ask, or give me your email and I will send you an invitation!