Monday, May 18, 2009

Hartville Flea Market

If anyone ever ends up in Northeast Ohio on a nice day, the flea market in Hartville is a fun place to visit. The biggest days are Monday and Thursday, but it's also open on Friday and Saturday. They have an indoor building, but I usually don't even go into the building because it's mostly new junk. I like vintage junk! You never know what the vendors outside might have on any given day, so it's a treasure hunt. They also have great prices on produce.
Today I bought vintage cookbooks, cherries, melons, and some new baking sheets. We'll probably head back on Memorial Day if it's nice. Holidays bring out acres and acres of vendors.


Linda Moreland said...

WOW, so your outdoor flea market is open 4 days, that's great. I have a booth at a local indoor flea mart; I finally decided to join because our weather here in the MidWest is so unpredictable. The outdoor mart is only open Sat-Sun, and we never knew when we could sell or if we would get rained out. It was a little disappointing, packing up all our stuff, only to bring it back home and unpack it. But, I'm a flea marketer to the core of my soul. I'm always wondering around the mart, checking out what's new. I've found some really good deals at the flea market. I'm glad to know someone else enjoys it as much as I do.