Thursday, April 29, 2010


I got the idea for a Rainbow photo project from my friend Susan at her blog I am always looking for "assignments" to foster creativity, I love color (no beige walls and beige carpet here!) and the idea of doing a photo series for each color of the rainbow sounded like fun.
Today's color is RED.


This rooster is "Platinum". He was hatched here at our farm last summer. He is actually very friendly, and will probably be shown at the county fair this year. His father "Silver" attacks me every time I go into the barn. I am the one who feeds him most of the time, so I can only discern that Silver isn't too bright.


These 3 day old piggies are keeping warm under the red light.


I can never get enough of the beautiful fall foliage here in Ohio.


Red dahlias in my garden last summer. Dahlias are a flower that I love, but I don't grow more of them because they have to be lifted in the winter here in northeast Ohio. The bulbs are generally fairly expensive to buy, and although I start with the best of intentions, I never get around to digging them up in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I love the red!!!!

Are those your new piggies? They are so adorable! Names?

Your chicken is gorgeous. Never said that about a chicken before, lol. I love the *ruffles* on his head. Her head? Sheesh, I don't know much about Had to laugh about Silver. My aunt had a turkey that did the same to her. I won't tell you how she got even.....but none of us kids would participate in the result. And we thought my uncle was taking us for ice cream just to be nice. @@

Can't wait to see your next color.