Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another snowstorm 1/28/09

Once again we are snowed in. Steady snow started falling sometime last night, and is expected to continue throughout the afternoon. The whole family is home today, so it's kind of cozy.
A lot of people in Ohio complain about the snow all the time. Although I'm not a big fan of driving in it, I actually like it otherwise. Snow is beautiful. Winter does get tedious after awhile, but so does everything else. When I lived in southern California, the sameness of the weather got really old. I would get excited on those rain occasions when we got a nice drenching of fragrant acid rain. Just for something different. I'm just a 4 seasons type of woman I guess.
Our neighbor plows our driveway for us, and pushes all of the snow into one big "mountain" for the kids to play on. They had an awesome snow fort going last week. The horses have thick, furry coats and getting covered with snow doesn't seem to bother them one bit. The dogs are in and out all day, rolling around and playing.

Winter can seem long at the time, but time always flies. Especially the older I get! Before long, it will be spring. With seasons, there is always something new to look forward to.

Poor St. Francis. He is pretty well buried. We have to have a St. Francis statue, because we love animals, and because my husband is Italian. He said that as he got older, he felt a genetic pull towards lawn statuary.